Nutrition is Important

Nutrition is Important

Well it’s almost that time of year again year we send the little ones off to school and preschool. This year I want to be prepared as far as lunch and snack ideas so I decided to search the almighty Pinterest and share these brilliant ideas that I found. (Am I the only one who can spend hours on that site but it feels like 5 minutes?)

  1. Don’t stress out about your picky eater. Instead pre-bag some snacks, lunch meat, cheese and crackers and place them in different bins. Let your child make his or her lunch by letting them pick items from each bin.

    They can pick 1 item from the bins with a 1 and two from the ones marked 2. Not only will they love the opportunity to participate in the process, they will appreciate the sense of independence and control they get over their lunch.

  2. If you want your child to have baked goods in their lunch batch cook the cookies, banana bread etc and freeze them in individual portions.

  3. Let the artist in you come out. If your child will only eat a dinosaur shaped sandwich then head over to that dollar store and get the sandwich cutters.

  4. Finally, don’t worry what other people think of the lunch you are providing your child. Too often we get caught up in what people think of our parenting, our kids clothing, and everything else. As long as you are sending what you consider to be healthy food to school with your child then you’re doing a great job.

Here’s to another school year!