Ah life with three kids under seven. Some days everything goes off without a hitch and we just get to laugh and play all day and those are the best days. But then there’s days when everyone is sick and cranky and no one will seem to listen to you. On days like that I’m reminded of this YouTube video:

When I first saw this video a few years ago I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants but with three kids under 7 some days really do feel like I am saying all those things in the video about 20 million times.

Summer is coming to a close and even though we aren’t sure when our children will be going to pre school and school this year ( there’s currently a teacher’s strike here in British Columbia) I thought I would take the time to write down some of the great memories we created for our children. This summer was the same as every summer around here. We found some new and fun things to explore that are free or pretty cheap. My favourite outing with the family this summer was by far Lynn Canyon. If you ever have a chance to visit Lynn Canyon it’s simply a must.

I think this trip is memorable for more then one reason. Last year I still had my two youngest children in a stroller which meant hiking was doable but you really needed to research the trails and double check that they indeed accommodated strollers. The baby of the family was also still in diapers which meant we had to drag the dreaded diaper bag everywhere making it interesting when the little man decided to take a poop in the middle of a beautiful nature walk. I was one proud mama to see all three little ones not only walking numerous trails this summer but actually loving being in nature and coming up with games as we walked. In fact just last week I went walking in a trail with the kids and a friend and her children and they had a whole story about not being in a walk and not being kids but knights searching for princesses and fairies.

But you must be thinking these poor kids did all they do is hike this summer. Well of course not because mommy and daddy sometimes like to act like big kids too. So we discovered wading pools and splash pads and even an amazing farmers market where the kids enjoy seeing the chickens that lay the eggs and the clown made them ballon animals. And we also went to free art in the park events which was put on by the city of burnaby. I have to say art in the park is a must every year. Face painting, scavenger hunts and crafts all in the great outdoors there is no better way to spend a morning then that.

I do have to say the whole summer was not a walk in the park. This summer we decided to decrease the amount of time the kids have in front of the television and increase the activity. That was a tough transition for all involved. And we also decreased their processed food and increased real food. The market helped that transition go a little more smooth since the kids loved knowing where their food came from.

It’s sad that another summer is coming to an end but I’m excited to see how much the kids will have changed and matured next year. Who knows maybe we will go on a canoe trip with them next year.