Stay safe this halloween

Stay safe this halloween
(Creative Commons License Photo by KOMUNews)

Kids all over are preparing for the yearly ritual of knocking on strangers’ doors for candy and treats. What could be more fun than dressing up and getting free sugars?

Of course during regular life we would never let our kids knock on random doors of people we don’t know, but this is a special occasion! Isn’t it nice that we can put aside our media-fuelled fear of everything and interact with our neighbours? This is the only time of year many people interact in their community; we think it’s great!

Even though we live in a pretty safe world (despite what the news and your grandmother watching it might want you to believe), we still need to take care to protect ourselves and our kids from danger so we can enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

  1. Adult Supervision Always: It goes without saying, but we should never let our kids out of our sight. Even if you don’t go up to each door with them, follow along the road as they go about their revelling.

  2. Plan The Route in Advance: Before going out trick or treating with the kids, discuss the route you will be taken in advance. In case someone does get separated, this will help you regroup faster.

  3. Mind Your Visbility: Make your kids wear a reflective costume or glow stick so they are easily visible on the dark roads. Motorists should be watching more carefully since there will be lots of people on the roads, but be extra-vigilante to stay on the correct side especially where there are no sidewalks (walk on the left side of the road toward oncoming traffic so you and the vehicles can see each other coming and move out of the way).

  4. Take Photos: Before and after your child puts on their costume, take their photo with your digital camera or phone— preferably something you will keep on your person. Not only is this a great keepsake for a fun night; but if your child gets lost in the crowd, you will have an up-to-date photo of them to show people so you can find each other fast.

  5. Choose Practical Costumes: Long princess dresses can be tripping hazards while superhero masks can hinder the wearer’s ability to see obstacles or cars on the road. Be mindful of how your child is able to manoeuvre while wearing their costumes and make alterations as necessary to keep them comfortable, mobile and safe.

What are you doing to stay safe this halloween?